It's not easy working on our own, continuing to believe in yourself and your ideas, while being constantly asked for snacks or homework help.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs can have such a positive impact on your business and your happiness as a solopreneur. Believe me, it's true!

Hi! I'm Erin, host of The Life-Friendly Business Podcast and the Founder of The Cocoon VIP Membership. I’m a Business Coach & Mentor, Speaker and Champion for Life-Friendly Businesses

Since 2015 I’ve empowered 1000s of women to build and grow business that bring them money, satisfaction and the flexibility they need to live a life they love.

There are four ways I can help you right now:

1 - The Life-Friendly Business Community Facebook Group - where I host discussions related to each week’s podcast episode so you can dive deeper into the themes covered and commit to taking action in your own business.

2 - The Cocoon VIP Membership - A monthly online business community, plus training programme to drive consistent reflection, action-taking and progress in your business, while staying true to your vision of what a life-friendly business looks like for you.

3 - Join The Evolve Mastermind, 12-week small group mastermind to help you evolve to the next stage in your business and life.

4 - 1-1 Mentoring sessions for that short sharp injection of clarity and encouragement you need to build a business on your own terms.

I've been running my own small businesses since 2008 after leaving a career in TV production to have my first son. You can read more about my story below.

My Story

I had a fast-paced career in Television Production on some of the UK's best-loved programmes. It involved working all hours and travelling away from home, and I loved it. Then in 2008 my first son was born and at that moment, my priorities changed. I decided to leave TV and look for a better quality of life which enabled me to work doing something I love, whilst also being a mum.

I took a huge leap of faith and bought a franchise of Smallprint Fingerprint Jewellery, entering the whole new world of the self employed business owner.


Franchisee to Founder

I loved the freedom that working for myself allowed. Soon the entrepreneurial bug kicked in, and in 2010 whilst still running the franchise, I started creating my own company Pitter Patter - The Hub for Bubs. These were venues for baby and toddlers classes. Working for yourself can be isolating but I was lucky enough to find a like minded business partner, Shelley Henderson, and together we created a network for other mums running their own businesses, Ealing Mums in Business, based in West London. We offered local business meetups, training and events. 

I went on to have my second child, whilst running 3 businesses and settling my eldest in to reception at school.


Recognised in Parliament 

The businesses were going from strength to strength and in December 2014 Shelley and I were recognised in The Houses of Parliament by our local MP, Angie Bray, for our efforts supporting local businesses. It was wonderful to have recognition for the work we had been doing, and the praise didn't stop there, as we were also awarded a Mumpreneur UK Top 100 award in 2015 and appeared on London Live TV! We were on a roll!


Global Business

That very same year, my husband was offered a job in Abu Dhabi. This was exciting and daunting at the same time, but an opportunity we couldn’t turn down. To be honest, it was a difficult time for me, I was incredibly lonely out there and really missed the amazing community of like-minded women in business that I had actively built around myself. So I decided it was time for a new business venture. I wanted it to be online, I wanted it to be scalable, and I wanted to reach women all over the world who were also running their businesses around family life and craved the community that I did.

So this was when The Mumpreneur Collective was born (now known as Life-Friendly Business). It was brilliant launching in the Middle East and it got some fantastic press and I quickly built up my audience in the UAE, Australia, America and back in the UK!


Swapping the desert for a seaside life

After a year we decided that Abu Dhabi just wasn't right for us, and we made the difficult decision to return to the UK. We had already decided we were ready to leave London, so we moved again, this time to Bournemouth where we started a new life by the sea

My husband made the decision to quit the corporate world at the same time, and since then we have truly embraced an entrepreneurial lifestyle. We love living by the beach and are working hard to get the balance between work and family right.

Every day after I have dropped the kids off to school, I get down to working on building the business. I absolutely love what I do.

I launched The Cocoon VIP Membership in 2017, which is a safe place for you to learn, evolve and grow as small business owners.

The Cocoon combines all the benefits of networking from the comfort of your own sofa, with masterclasses, guest speakers, expert advice, business surgeries and continual support. If you find it difficult to get to face to face networking meetings and miss the camaraderie of working in a team, this club is designed for you. 

Over the years the community has gone from strength to strength. Due to popular demand I now offer 1:1 Mentoring and also an incredible 6 month Group Mastermind program called Evolve, which offers wraparound support to get you to where you want to be.


In a new world where online community is now a necessity 

During Lockdown in 2020 I published my first book, Mumpreneur Evolution: On our terms, a collection of inspiring and insightful interviews with my members, about their experiences of running a business around family life. It’s had a fantastic response, especially during a time when so many of us have been hyper alert to the challenges of balancing children at home (plus homeschooling!) and building our businesses.

In the last year I launched the IMPACT interactive online workshops, offering an opportunity for dedicated CEO time to focus ON your business, rather than IN it, and all from the comfort of your own home. Due to Covid I haven’t been able to run any in-person events lately, but I was thrilled to see how powerful the atmosphere was at the IMPACT events and actually how many transformations the workshop created.

We are living through extremely challenging times but I have been so proud to be able to help so many women to take positive action, pivot and evolve their businesses.

I’m here to help, so please feel free to reach out and email me at [email protected] 


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