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The unmissable online workshop

Next Workshop: Tuesday 27 SEPTEMBER 2022

Interactive online events for business owners committed to balancing a successful business with a joyful life.

Step out of the day-to-day running of your business (and life) and create an actionable plan for the months ahead, so you can maximise the impact you have in your business, without compromising enjoyment of your life.

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The September 2022 IMPACT Schedule

The format for each Impact event is the same (more on that later), but the focus of each event is different.

The event takes place online between 9.30am-12.30pm BST with optional lunchtime networking afterwards.

Here’s what we’ll be covering on Tuesday 27 September:

Part 1: Your Optimal Mindset Statement

We’ll start by understanding how you see yourself and your business right now, and how that impacts the decisions you make, actions you take and the outcomes you get.

Then I’ll help you craft a positive statement about yourself and your business that captures the way you want to see yourself, present yourself and conduct yourself. 

Part 2: Minimizing The Impact Of Self-Doubt

Your Optimal Mindset Statement creates a platform of confidence that makes building and promoting your business so much easier.

But it’s inevitable that self-doubt will creep in, and try to knock you down.

Together we’ll uncover the circumstances and scenarios that most often trigger thoughts of self-doubt, develop strategies to avoid them, and learn how to reconnect with your Optimal Mindset Statement so you can get back to your happy confident self.


Part 3: Getting Comfortable With Being Seen, Known and Highly Visible

People can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist. And if you’re not making sales, it’s easy to feel disheartened and hide away. And then nobody knows you exist. So they can’t buy from you…..we need to reverse this cycle.

And I’m not just going to push you to do highly visible activities you’re deeply uncomfortable with - because you’ll either avoid doing them, or push through your discomfort and burn yourself out.

In this session you’ll discover ways to be seen by your ideal customers that may be a stretch right now but will become more comfortable over time.

Warning: I’ve planned the content of the day, but I can’t predict the lightbulbs that will go off in your head. Attendees of previous Impact events have walked away with inspiration and ideas after seeing their business from a fresh perspective.

A Note From Me...


Hi, I’m Erin, founder of Life-Friendly Business and host of the Impact workshops.

I left a career in TV over 14 years ago to find a better work/life balance for my family. Since then I've built 5 businesses, lived in two countries, while raising two active boys. 

Now I help women, like you, build and scale successful businesses on their terms.

At each Impact event I will be leading you through the exercises and support that I usually reserve for my private mentoring clients, to help you get focussed on your top priorities, and take consistent effective action, so you can make more impact in your business.

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Having the tools and strategies you need to grow and scale your business - on YOUR terms



Essential Ingredients for Every IMPACT Event

The online Impact Events are designed to create significant, positive change in your business, in your life, and in yourself, in just a few hours.

Here’s how we do it:


#1 CEO Primer

We start every Impact event with a simple, yet powerful exercise to lift you up out of the day-to-day running of your business, family and life, and help you tune into the CEO mindset you need to make impactful plans for your business.

 Just minutes before joining the Impact Zoom call you were probably busy with the school run, feeding the dog and loading the dishwasher - and I know that does not help you feel like the CEO you truly are.

This is the same powerful exercise I use with my 1-1 mentoring clients and Cocoon members to help them make the mental leap from busy-with-life to CEO of a life-friendly business.

#2 Interactive 3-Part Workshop (with fillable workbook)

Each Impact workshop is delivered in three sessions, which are a blend of: 

  • Teaching
  • Challenging what you’re currently thinking, and the way you do things right now
  • Allowing space for reflection
  • Inspiring new ideas
  • Noticing any blocks that come up for you (they’re good at hiding until someone shines a light on them)

You’ll have a fillable workbook, and the sessions are designed with space and time for you to complete the workbook as you go.

#3 Mastermind Breakout Sessions x 2

Twice during each Impact event you will be allocated to a small breakout mastermind group.

Each session lasts 25 minutes, and each person has the chance to speak. 

Before I send you to your groups, I’ll give you guidance about what the focus of the session is and how to get the most out of it.

This is a hugely valuable opportunity to draw on the life and business experience, skills and knowledge of other women who are equally committed to growing their life-friendly businesses. 

#4 Action Planning Session

You don’t just leave with an incredible natural high - you also leave with an actionable plan. 

Our last exercise of the day is to take what you’ve learned, uncovered and discovered during the event and turn it into a plan - with immediate next steps, longer term plans, and highlighting any further research you need to do, or decisions you need to make.

#5 Pop-up Facebook Group

Just like the tea & biscuits table at an in-person event, this is the place-to-be to get to know your fellow attendees, make friends, build connections, and go expand on what we cover during the workshop. 


#6 Group Accountability Calls

I’ve run dozens of events like this, and I know returning to real-life can be hard.

You end the day with a head full of ideas, a notebook full of actions and a heart full of enthusiasm. And then real-life gobbles up your time and energy before you can implement anything. Well not this event. This is why it’s called IMPACT - because it’s going to have a lasting Impact on your life and your business. In the weeks following each Impact event, I’ll be hosting two 45-minute group accountability calls to check-in with your progress, and help you with any questions, decisions or issues that have come up since the event.


#7 Optional Lunchtime Networking

Sometimes you're just desperate to carry on the conversation, so at every workshop you have the option of grabbing your lunch and chatting with attendees for an extra half an hour.


#8 Workshop Recordings

Recordings of the opening CEO Primer exercise, three interactive sessions and the closing Action Planning session will be available for 2 months after the Impact event.


The Result? 

Your 2023 self will thank you for making this investment now, and committing to  regular CEO-days for your business spread throughout the year.

The Result? 

Your 2022 self will thank you for making this investment now, and committing to  regular CEO-days for your business spread throughout the year.

Is it right for me?

Perfect for you if:

  • You want to make a bigger impact in your business with the time and energy you have
  • You want the time, space and guidance to step back from day-to-day life and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.
  • You enjoy surrounding yourself with other awesome women in business

Not for you if:

  • You haven’t yet started your business
  • You need 1:1 strategy support (see my Mentoring page)

Buy Your Ticket Now


Tuesday 27 September 2022 

0930-1230pm BST

Harness The Impact Of Your Mindset

+ pop-up Facebook group + Two 45-minute check-in calls + 2-month access to workshop recordings

Full price £97

  • Workshop - Tuesday 27 September 0930-1230 BST plus optional lunchtime networking
  • Check-in call #1 - Thursday 29 September 1200-1245 BST  (optional)
  • Check-in call #2 - Thursday 6 October 1200-1245 BST  (optional)


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Here's What Others Are Saying...

IMPACT was full of lightbulb moments. It was great to be able to journal inner thoughts on specific topics and then breakout into small groups to discuss our findings, listen to others and learn from it all. This workshop is not only inspiring but fun too! Thank you Erin for organising such a fab event.

IMPACT was at an amazing time for me in the rollercoaster of running a business in the pandemic. Erin’s event was so uplifting and her energy is so supportive. It challenged me to think about how I can move my business forward while feeling I have the support and encouragement of an incredible tribe.

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