Transform the way you approach your business

Create Your Own Life-Friendly Business Blueprint

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You absolutely can have a successful, scalable, profitable business that works for you, and your family

I'll help you identify the changes you need to make to your business so that you can enjoy the success you crave (and deserve) while living a life you love.


Do it on your terms

In this short but powerful course I'll help you evaluate and modify the blueprint of your business so the foundations you are building on will support the life-friendly business you crave.


During this course you will:

  • Set the goals that define what success looks like for you
  • Identify the time budget you really have available to work on your business and for your clients
  • Evaluate what you sell to discover how well aligned it is to creating the business and life you want
  • Tap into the mindset you’ll need to build and grow a successful life-friendly business
  • Discover the time-leveraging techniques that'll help you achieve more within your time-budget.

You need a hustle-free life-friendly approach for your successful business


This Blueprint Course Is For You If...

  • You are moving forward with a brand new business idea
  • You already have a business and are feeling out of balance with your work and home-life
  • You’re enjoying a good balance now, but struggle to maintain it whenever you try to grow or scale your business.

The Life-Friendly Business Blueprint

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Are You Ready To Take Back Control of Your Work/Life Balance?

This 5 Module course will help you to re-define your business boundaries and step in to your role as a business owner.  

You will:

  • Define what a life-friendly business would look like for you, so you can aim for the success you want on your own terms.
  • Feel confident it is possible for you to have the income, success and business you want, without compromising your home life.
  • Know what changes you need to make (if any) to your current business model so that it’s scaleable without compromising the life-friendliness you want.
  • Have a realistic plan to achieve your goals at a pace that reflects the time you really have available to work on your business
  • Be showing up with the mindset needed to make this happen
  • Have a Personalised Life-Friendly Business Blueprint you can use to guide your decisions, help you make plans aligned to your vision, and motivate you when you need reminding of what you’re working toward

By Next Week, You Could…

  • Feel more in tune and aligned with your business than ever before

  • Be doing work that you love doing so it doesn’t deplete you or feel hard

  • Working the hours that you choose, without the guilt

  •  Have flexibility baked in to adjust and flow with real-life so when the sh*t hits the fan, you've got it covered

What's included in

The Business Blueprint...


The Business You Really Want

Our idea of success is often made up of other people’s expectations and influenced by the ‘success’ we see other people achieve. We can end up striving hard for something, only to realise we don’t really want it when we finally achieve it.

In this module I’ll walk you through a Q&A exercise to help you create a vision for your own version of success, so you can design your business to meet YOUR goals (not the goals other people tell you to have)


Identify Your Time Budget

You already know a Monday-Friday 9-5 isn’t right for you, but have you evaluated how much time you have available to work, not just through the week, but throughout the year too?

It’s time to stop beating yourself up for not getting enough done, and let go of unrealistic expectations of what you can do in a day/week/month. 

I’ll help you identify the time budget you really have available to spend working, and plan the most productive way to use it.


Evaluate Your Biz (or Idea)

We’ll take your business model and compare it with your vision for success and your time budget, to determine if the success, lifestyle and income you want is possible in theory.

Plus I’ve got troubleshooting tips if the success you want doesn’t look possible on paper.


Master Your Business Mindset

our business needs a strong, confident leader. In this module I’ll help you to think and act like a business owner, overcome self-doubt, manage your energy and mental state, set boundaries, get support and make good decisions about where to best invest your time, energy and money.


Planning For Success (Whilst preparing for setbacks)

Identify the systems and support so you can focus on the activities in your zone of genius, where you add most value. We’ll also look at anticipating setbacks, what contingencies you can put into place in advance, and how to cope when they happen.

Here's a sneak peak of the course

  • I'll lead you through a 5 step process to help you create your own Life-Friendly Business Blueprint.
  • Each module is broken down into bite-sized videos of just a few minutes.
  • You'll receive a Workbook to help you organise your thoughts and design your Blueprint

I'm Erin,

I help women design, grow and run businesses that deliver the money and lifestyle they want, without compromising their home life.

I’m the host of the Life-friendly Business podcast, author of Mumpreneur Evolution, and I’ve been featured on BBC Radio 4 and in Forbes as a champion for women who want both a successful business and a life they love.

"Really loving the course structure. It's really making me think about how to move forward with my business"

- Chloe 

"Really feel this course is going to kickstart big things for me."

- Bryony

"This course has given me a fresh perspective on my work/life balance and what I can do to improve it"

- Carly



The Life-Friendly Business Blueprint

Pay In Full


  • 5 module video course 
  • Printable/Fillable PDF Workbook
  • Your personal complete and keep Life-Friendly Blueprint template
  • SOS Survival Checklist 

Prefer to split payments over 2 months? Click here


I want you to get huge value from this course and if you aren’t completely satisfied with The Business Blueprint, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.


Is the Life-Friendly Business Blueprint course for you?


This is for you if:

✔️Running a successful business without compromising your home-life is just as important to you as revenue, subscriber, or follower metrics.

✔️ You're willing to make changes to your business to be able to achieve a life-friendly business.

✔️ You already have a business, or you have a solid idea of what you would sell and who would buy it.

This is not for you if:

❌ You’re already enjoying the income and work-life balance you desire and you’re looking to take your business to a new level of growth (take a look at my Mastermind)

❌ You’re looking for personal support from Erin. This is a self-study course. Again, the Mastermind would be a good option for you if you’d like to work directly with Erin.

❌ You’re at the early stages of considering what sort of business you’d like to run. You’re welcome to complete the Life-Friendly Business Blueprint as it may spark some ideas, but some of the exercises rely on you having a good idea of what you’d sell and how much you’d charge for that.

Are you ready to create your own Life-Friendly Business?

✔️ Work that you love doing so it doesn’t deplete you or feel hard

✔️ Working the hours that you choose

✔️ Flexibility baked in to adjust and flow with real-life