Evolve 12 Week Mastermind

It's time to evolve to the next stage in your business and life


The Success and Fulfilment you are longing for...

... can ONLY be enjoyed when your business and home-life are balanced in harmony.

It’s time to stop trading off between life and business - it’s time to evolve them both. 

Evolve is a mastermind like no other. 

It’s about helping you reach your next big business goal without compromising your life…..we’re even going to enhance it.

It’s about combining the wisdom and experience of six women (plus me) who are all striving for the same thing - a successful, life-friendly business.

It’s about navigating the challenges of running a business alongside fulfilling our other responsibilities.

It’s about celebrating how our business success makes us more fully ourselves, in all areas of our life.

This 12-week mastermind will help you reach your next big win in your business, while adjusting your mindset so you can stop trading off life vs business and start feeling that success and fulfilment you are craving (and deserve) across all aspects of your beautiful life.

Hi, I'm Erin

I created this mastermind for women who are running an established business, and want to enjoy more success and fulfilment.

Over 15 years I’ve run multiple successful businesses, and have personally mentored 100s of women build their own life-friendly businesses. I’ve noticed that we often don’t feel successful or fulfilled, even when we’re achieving great things in our business…..

The real reason you don’t feel successful...

To feel successful we need all three core areas of our life to be in balance:

But what tends to happen is that as one area becomes more demanding of our time and energy the other areas get pinched.

You became self-employed because you needed the flexibility it offers. But sometimes it feels like your family, or other responsibilities make running a business impossible.

--> If you have a busy month filled with family responsibilities (or just having fun with your family) it feels like you’ve let down your clients, and let your marketing slip.

--> Or sometimes we can have a lot going on with our business - keeping clients happy, finding time to market ourselves, and then we feel like we’re failing our family and ourselves.

Rarely do I see a woman so focussed on taking care of herself that the ‘Personal’ segments dwarfs the other two. This is usually the first area to get squeezed.

--> Often it feels like no matter what we do, whatever we achieve, we don’t FEEL successful for a sustained period of time. We feel pinched, squished, compromised. Because when we’re nailing it in one area, it is at the expense of at least one of the other two.

To feel successful and fulfilled we MUST bring these three into balance.

During the 12-week Evolve mastermind you will work towards your next stretching business goal while maintaining the balance across all three aspects of your life, so that when you reach your goal, you feel successful (not exhausted, behind, or neglectful).

And this is a mindset skill you’ll keep with you long after we finish working together.

Imagine having the inner resources to feel successful and fulfilled no matter what demands or pressures you are experiencing from your Family or Business.

Here’s what your Evolution looks like:


Step 1: The Evolve Kick-Start Assessment

This beautiful, interactive workbook helps you record your business and life right now, and begin reflecting on how you would like that to change, and what you would like to achieve next. You’ll send the workbook across to Erin so she can be fully prepared to help you get the most out of….

Step 2: The 1-1 Strategy Exploration Call

Through 60 minutes of 1-1 mentoring with Erin (via video call) you will explore how you want your life and business to look in 12-weeks time, and what it’ll take to get you there. This will form the basis of your Evolve Goal.

Step 3: Reflection Time

You’ll need some time to consider if your Evolve Goal is the right one for you and your business, and to begin thinking about the practical steps that will take you there. As soon as you’ve had your Strategy Exploration Call, you will have access to Voxer support from Erin (more on how Voxer works later).

Step 4: Commitment Call 

During our first group call together, I’ll brief you on how the next 12 weeks will work, what you can expect from me, and how to make the most out of the calls, and Voxer support available to you. Then each participant speaks to the group about their Evolve Goal - the outcome they are stretching for throughout the mastermind. You might also like to share a little about your home life and background, so we all know the context in which each person is running their business - but this is optional. 

Step 5: Our Weekly Evolve Mastermind Routine 

Throughout the rest of the mastermind we share one intention - to work towards our stretching business goal, while balancing the demands, and joys of family life, and taking care of ourselves as a person.

Master this now, and you’ll have the skills needed to feel success and fulfilment for the rest of your business journey (and life).

We will achieve this through:

Our weekly group call

Over 60 minutes, each person has a chance to speak to the group to update us on life, business, progress made and problems faced. You’re welcome to use this time to report back, ask for accountability, and tap into the collective wisdom of the group.

1-1 Voxer access to Erin

Send your voice or text message whenever you need support, clarity, a firm reminder, or gentle reassurance.

I’ll respond during normal office hours (Mon-Fri 9-5).

Group Voxer Thread

Keep in touch between calls with this app that enables you to exchange text or voice messages (without the need to film yourself!)

This is a great way to keep connected and accountable with the other Evolvers.

Watch this video

...to learn how Evolve works, its structure and the support you can expect to receive. 


The Evolve Mastermind


Your Investment:



£100 deposit, then 4 monthly payments x £275

(each payment is 30 days after the previous payment)


What you'll get:


Evolve Interactive Workbook - kick-off assessment and weekly worksheets to help you set and reach your next big business goal, while enjoying balance with your personal life.

60-minute 1-1 Strategy Setting mentoring video call with Erin

12 x 60-minute group video calls with your mastermind colleagues and Erin

1-1 Voxer support from Erin

Group support via Voxer thread for you, your mastermind colleagues and Erin.


Susannah Rafelle, founder of Self Selection For Animals shares her experience of Evolve


Next Steps...

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