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7 Steps To A More

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Enjoy running a successful business without compromising your home life

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  • How your business is currently performing in the 7 Core Areas 
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  • The changes you could make to experience a better balance between your business and your life

 Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed on a daily basis?

✔ Do you sometimes resent your business, and even your clients and customers, because they impinge on your family life?

✔ Do you feel like you just can’t get off the hamster wheel and achieve the work/life balance you desire?It doesn’t have to be like this.

It’s time to do things YOUR way.

A life-friendly business is one that is run on your terms. You work flexibly and not to the detriment of your wellbeing or other things in life which are important to you. It’s about carving your own path in business & not being swayed by other people’s measures of success.

But I know that’s not easy to do.

You get busy and squeeze in extra working hours.

You flex the hours you’re available to be accommodating to others.

You take on work you’d rather not because you feel like you need the money.

Over time you find yourself running a business that doesn’t work for you or your family (and maybe isn’t paying you the money you’d like either).

I’ve made all these mistakes over the last decade until I committed to a new way of working for myself. One where I work around my energy, I give myself grace when things go wrong, and I don’t feel guilty when I need to work.

I’ve devised The 7 Core Principles of a Life-Friendly Business Checklist to help you reflect on your current situation, so you can identify what needs to change to make your business more life-friendly. 


Podcast Host & Founder of Life-Friendly Business

Hi, I'm Erin and I'm a Business Coach & Mentor, Speaker, Author & host of The Life-Friendly Business Podcast. I've been running my own businesses for 14 years whilst bringing up my two sons and I’ve helped 1000s of women build a successful business that works in harmony with their life.

If you want to carve your own path in business and work on your own terms, I'm here to help!


Here’s how it works:

Download this FREE checklist and follow these 3 simple steps:

STEP 1Rate how your business is currently performing in each of the 7 Core Principles.

STEP 2 - This will help you notice aspects of your business you're not happy with right now, and generate ideas for changes you’d like to make - write all this down.

STEP 3 - I’ll help you turn those ideas into actions and choose which ones to focus on first.

Remember, YOU have the power to design your very own Life-Friendly Business, you just need to carve out a little time to decide what that looks like for you!



My business is life friendly.  I am able to work around family life.  However the Core Principles checklist has been game changing for me in realising I need support to take my business forward and to feel happier in myself.  On the back of this checklist I have decided to invest in my business which feels such a relief and I am going to keep reviewing how things are going with this list.  Thank you Erin


I have limited time as a busy mum so this exercise was perfect at getting me to focus in on which areas of my business are performing well and to discover those which have been holding me back from keeping it life-friendly. The checklist took less than 15 minutes and I have been able to prioritise which actions I will take first to turn this around.