Work with me

Ep 33 - When to invest

Season #2

Should you spend money on business support if you're not even making enough money to pay yourself? How can you justify paying out for something if there's not a tangible financial return?

Erin shares her own experience of investing over the last 13 years, explains the difference between a mentor, coach & consultant and offers you these questions to consider every time you think about investing:

  1. Will this give me the confidence to market myself more easily, and therefore make more sales?

  2. Will this teach me valuable skills to grow my business, which would take me years to learn on my own?

  3. Will having this support make running my own business more enjoyable and less stressful?

  4. Will doing this reduce my self doubt, overwhelm and procrastination?

  5. Have I been meaning to make a change or develop something for aaaaaages and it’s just not happening when I try to do it alone?

  6. Will I be able to recoup the money I’m investing with the sales I make as a result? (for example, within the next year?)


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