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Ep 59 - Visibility Through PR

Season #4

Today I'm speaking to Jo Swann of Chocolate PR who helps mission led entrepreneurs to get their message heard via the power of the press. We discuss the benefits of PR, why you need to story tell rather than sell and how to overcome imposter syndrome. Jo also outlines two approaches: responding to media inquiries and taking stories directly to journalists, and what you need to have in place to get started.

Connect with Jo at or check out her podcast PR Powerhouse.


0:00:00 Setting up the business and helping people

0:03:23 Empowering entrepreneurs through the power of the press

0:08:55 Creating a Persona for Effective PR Visibility

0:10:35 Foundational Work before Approaching Journalists

0:11:46 Proactive PR Approach and Engaging with Journalists

0:14:23 Benefits of PR: Building Confidence and Opening Doors

0:18:10 The Long Game of PR and Building Expertise 0:26:26 The Importance of Consistency and Persistence in Marketing

0:28:07 The Need for an Ongoing Funnel and Consistent Marketing Efforts


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