Ep 62 - It's Never Too Late

Season #5

And we are back for Season 5! In this episode, I discuss the challenges women face in balancing work and personal life within their businesses, often leading to feelings of overwhelm and burnout. I stress the importance of introspection and carving out "CEO time" to assess how their businesses truly benefit them.

We talk about the 7 core principles of a life-friendly business, highlighting flexibility, inspiration, income support, and self-compassion as crucial elements for well-being. I encourage you to redefine success and take decisive action to create businesses aligned with your desired lifestyle, and emphasize the power individuals have in reshaping their professional paths for joy, fulfilment, and sustainability.


0:00 Evaluating Your Business and Life Alignment

1:44 Recognizing Signs of Business Burnout

3:16 Taking Control and Making Positive Changes

5:13 Principles of a Life-Friendly Business

8:21 Finding Clarity and Seeking Support

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