Ep 65 - Reverse Niching & Pricing For Success

Season #5

This week I'm talking to Janine Coombes, a Marketing Coach specialising in service offer positioning. She’s shared the stage with Deborah Meaden and regularly appears on internationally renowned stages such as Atomicon, MarketEd Live and You Are The Media.

We discuss offer creation, pricing strategies, and niching. If you've ever felt stuck on what your niche should be, or how you should price your offers, this episode is for you. You won't want to miss her tips on sizzling hot offers and the 3 P's!

Janine also shares her transition to entrepreneurship for work-life balance, and how she's able to run her business in a life-friendly way.

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0:00 Introduction to Janine Coombes

1:00 Transition to Janine's Entrepreneurial Journey

8:40 Signs of a Successful Offer

13:09 Addressing Different Target Audiences

15:57 Avoiding Niching Pressure

22:00 Creating Sizzling Hot Offers

30:02 Setting Boundaries for Work-Life Balance



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