Ep 66 - My Atomicon Takeaways

Season #5

Join me, Erin, in this episode of the Life-Friendly Business Podcast as I share highlights from my experience at Atomicon 2024 in Newcastle, an annual conference by Andrew and Pete.

Key insights include:

- Davina McCall on resilience and persistence.

- Jen Gottlieb on embracing the beginner mindset. - Jasmine Kemp on targeted ad strategies.

- Mike Morrison on customer-centric memberships.

- Suzy Ashworth on high-value offerings.

- Suman Randhawa on heart-led sales.

- Lisa Bilyeu on proactive confidence building.

Find out more about Atomicon to join me next year here



0:02 Introduction and Empowerment

0:42 Lifelong Learning and Industry Insights

2:44 Davina McCall's Persistence and Inspiration

4:18 Listening to the Right Voice and Embracing Being a Beginner

6:29 Jasmine Kemp on Meta Ads Strategy 9:56 Creating Success Paths for Membership Growth

11:42 Suzy Ashworth on High Ticket Offers

13:55 Embracing Chaos and Realness with Lizzie Goddard

16:06 Heart-Led Sales Approach with Suman Randhawa

19:25 Building Confidence and Taking Action with Lisa Bilyeu


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