Ep 67 - The Invisible Load

Season #5

Today, we discuss the invisible load that many women, myself included, bear daily. This load includes mental and emotional burdens tied to caregiving, household tasks, and constant decision-making. I share how women often shoulder these responsibilities unconsciously, impacting our focus on work and life. I emphasize the need for breaks to disconnect from this mental clutter.

I provide tips to manage the invisible load, such as integrating responsibilities into work schedules, delegating tasks, and practicing self-compassion. By acknowledging and addressing these challenges, we empower ourselves to navigate them effectively, fostering a balanced and fulfilling personal and professional life.


0:00 Introduction 1:05 Gratitude and Support 1:41 The Invisible Load 8:13 Finding Peace at Burley Manor 10:15 Acknowledging the Invisible Load 11:27 Managing the Invisible Load 12:44 Reflecting on Life in Your Schedule 14:21 Regular Brain Dumps 15:42 Delegating Responsibilities 16:29 Revisiting Boundaries 18:01 Switching Off Your Brain 19:59 Giving Yourself Grace


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