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Ignite Your Visibility Pledge for 2024


This free email video series will guide you through: 

  • Discovering the roots of your visibility challenges
  • Arming you with ideas of what to say when you're putting yourself out there
  • Empowering you with a plan to take consistent action
  • Helping you to create and design your own Visibility Pledge to keep you inspired throughout the year

This isn't just about being seen; it's about owning the spotlight with confidence!


Are you reading our minds?! 

Freaking out slightly how accurate this all is Erin


Thanks Erin that was super helpful as always! 

Got a few actions to carry on with now


Great training!

Lots to take away and action

During this 3 Day Video Series we will:

  • Evaluate current visibility efforts and identify barriers to doing more so that you can uncover untapped potential for increased visibility
  • Develop compelling content to establish authority and connect with your audience to build a strong and engaged audience base
  • Strategize effective content distribution channels so that you can maximize the reach and impact of your message
  • Anticipate potential obstacles that could derail your progress so that you can proactively navigate challenges for sustained success
  • Understand the three crucial elements for a sustainable visibility strategy so that you can ensure long-term effectiveness and growth
  • Make a commitment to your Visibility Pledge statement so that you can solidify your dedication to achieving visibility goals
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Meet Erin, The Life-Friendly Business Mentor

Erin left the world of TV Production when she had her first son in 2008 in search of a better work/life balance. She went on to build 5 businesses whilst raising her two boys and has since helped 1000s of female solopreneurs to run and grow their business in a life-friendly way.

She is the Host of The Life-Friendly Business Podcast, Author of Mumpreneur Evolution and an International Speaker.

Through her Visibility Mastermind she helps female business owners get their business seen by more people, in a way that prevents overwhelm and burnout.

Erin is an award winning Community Leader and creates nurturing spaces where female solopreneurs thrive. She offers a powerful blend of coaching and mentoring to help women untangle their thoughts, identify problems, get clarity and grow their life-friendly business in a sustainable and strategic way.  

Make 2024 the year you stop holding yourself back

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