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Building a Life-Friendly Business: Finding Balance and Prioritising What Matters

Balancing work and life, creating a life-friendly business

Are you a mumpreneur wanting a business that aligns with your role as a parent?

In this blog post, I want to share examples of what a life-friendly business means to me and how it can look in practice. As a mother of two, I've intentionally designed my business to fit within the framework of school hours, ensuring I have quality time with my children while still growing my business.

I'll discuss the importance of healthy boundaries, flexibility, and self-understanding in creating a thriving business that allows you to cherish both your family and professional pursuits.

Let's explore how you too can build a life-friendly business...

Embrace Flexibility: Working within the constraints of school hours, I've set a schedule from 9 AM to 1 PM, followed by time to pick up my youngest child at 2:15 PM. While I may continue working on social media tasks after 1 PM, I've freed myself from being tied to a desk. On Fridays, I reserve the day for myself, indulging in activities I enjoy, be it taking time off, meeting friends for coffee, or attending to administrative tasks. By incorporating this buffer time into my schedule, I allow for spontaneity and self-care.

Prioritise Healthy Boundaries: Establishing healthy boundaries with both my family and clients has been crucial to my well-being and business success. I've learned to communicate my needs effectively, understanding what is necessary for my personal and professional growth. As part of maintaining these boundaries, I occasionally take solo business retreats, discussing plans with my husband and releasing any guilt associated with these getaways. Loving what I do allows me to find balance and recognize the importance of managing my energy so that I can achieve long-term success.

Accommodate Family Time: One of the significant advantages of a life-friendly business is the ability to be flexible during school holidays. By making intentional decisions about how I run my business, my husband and I have alleviated the stress of juggling work and childcare arrangements during holiday periods. We've avoided the financial burden of holiday clubs and the strain on family time that often comes when you’re juggling work and kids.


Creating Your Life-Friendly Business: 

Remember, building a life-friendly business is not limited to the early years of parenthood. As children progress to secondary school, new demands arise, which means continued flexibility is needed. 

To determine what a life-friendly business looks like for you, consider the following questions:

1. Realistic Scheduling: Do you often feel overwhelmed and overstretched? Take time to schedule realistically, considering your limited work hours and family commitments.

2. Overcoming Mum Guilt: Do you frequently experience guilt associated with balancing work and family? Overcome this emotion by setting boundaries around the things that feel important to you.

3. Establishing Non-Negotiables: Do you sometimes feel resentment towards your business or clients due to encroachment on family time or personal space? Identify your non-negotiables and set boundaries accordingly, ensuring your business aligns with your priorities.

Building a life-friendly business is not only achievable but also essential for creating a fulfilling work-life balance. It begins with granting yourself grace and kindness, empowering you to make necessary decisions to achieve the harmony you desire.

Embrace flexibility, prioritize healthy boundaries, and accommodate family time while fostering a business that brings you joy and financial success. Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint, so slow down, enjoy the journey, and create a business that aligns with your life on your terms.


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