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What if how much you earn, isn't what actually motivates you?

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Females business owner holding cash, wondering if money is what actually motivates her

This might be a controversial opinion but I am genuinely interested to see how many others feel like me.

In the online world of business we are bombarded with messages of how much we should be expecting to make in our businesses - 10k months, 6 or 7 figure years... For many women I work with, this messaging is toxic and makes them feel paralysed with comparitonits.

Don't get me wrong, we all need money, to pay our mortgages, bills, put food on the table and live a comfortable life.

But how much are you actually driven by a financial goal?

In the UK the average full time salary is £35k, yet as a small business owner you're apparently not taking your business seriously / are doing something wrong unless you're making over £100k.

I do want money, I do want my business to grow (as it has been year on year) but perhaps that's not what motivates me the most.

Perhaps desire for money is not what will get me out of a mindset funk, or help me think strategically or push me through when life takes a turn and I still need to run my business whilst looking after everyone else.

I think what drives me is my desire to be the best version of myself. And therefore the best version of my business. I'm not interested in competing with anyone else.

And when I'm being the best version of myself, I'm happier, I'm more productive, and I can help more people.

Perhaps the way I measure my success, is through the positive impact I make in my client's lives.

And I'm not saying that if you're money driven that's a bad thing by the way - my husband would prefer me to lean that way a bit more! - but I want to speak out for other people like me who might be being made to feel less than, just because they don't align with the more-money-more-everything-culture.

We need to work to our own measures of success, and that's what a life-friendly business is all about.

Would love to know your thoughts?


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