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Life-Friendly Business
Keeping It Life-Friendly
Keeping It Life-Friendly #blog #podcast #worklifebalance boundaries lifefriendly mum in business mumpreneur Aug 04, 2021

Carly Rose is an Online Business Manager who has used her 10 years of PA experience in the corporate world to create a business on her own terms.

She has now exceeded her previous full-time salary working part-time around her two young boys.

In this interview, we discuss the difficult decisions...

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How to ditch the mum guilt, and why you need to #blog boundaries homeschooling mumguilt mumpreneur workingfromhome worklifebalance Jan 29, 2021

Are you constantly beating yourself up because you feel like you're not doing enough? Not spending enough time with the kids, not doing enough home-schooling, not working on your business enough

Being consumed with mum guilt is a terrible waste of energy, and doesn't actually help anyone -...

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Is it time to revisit your boundaries? #blog boundaries inspiration mindset mumpreneur switchoff wellbeing Jan 20, 2021

 Do you find yourself struggling to switch off?
Feeling like things are never finished?
Or feeling irritated when people ask things of you?

It could be that it's time to check in to your boundaries, and make sure you are communicating them with those around you. 

Watch this short video...

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