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How Do You Measure Your Success?
How Do You Measure Your Success? #blog #podcast comparitonitis income goals success success mindset Jun 15, 2021

Do you spend way too much time comparing yourself to others? Feeling like you're not achieving enough? Not earning enough? Not progressing enough? Instead of focusing on our own measures of success, and what that looks like to us, we get paralysed by trying to compete with what we 'think' success...

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Why mums are carving their own path - Interview with BBC Radio Solent #blog bbc radio solent entrepreneur flexible working mumpreneur success worklifebalance Apr 08, 2021
This morning I spoke to Pat Sissons on BBC Radio Solent about mums and entrepreneurship.
We discussed:
Why the term 'Mumpreneur' exists
Is a 'Mumpreneur' someone with particular aged kids?
Why people are choosing flexibility over full-time employment
Why how you measure your...
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