The Mumpreneur Collection of Resources

If you're keen to take positive action during lockdown and keep the wheels turning on your business, I have assembled a whole heap of resources to help!

Here are 5 resources to help you during the Covid-19 outbreak:

  1. Webinar (35 mins) on how to grow your business in just a few hours a week.
  2. A Workbook to help you take stock and make a plan of your priorities.
  3. Further free training covering tech support, wellbeing, marketing & business support.
  4. The Cocoon online business club
  5. 1:1 Mentoring with Erin

1. How To Grow Your Business In A Few Hours A Week Webinar

In this free training you will learn 3 strategies to prioritise business growth when you have limited time to work

NB: This is a replay and it mentions a 5 day free trial of The Cocoon - this has now been extended to 10 days! See below


2. How To Grow Your Business In A Few Hours A Week Workbook

This has been designed to help you take stock of where you are now, what your priorities are, and how you can break them down in to smaller actions.

This workbook is fillable, which means you can save a copy and type in to it ( don't need to print it off if you would rather save the trees)


3. More Free Training...

5 reasons you need to attend a Momentum Day

Top 5 Visibility Mistakes For Female Solopreneurs

I do THIS every Monday

The Power of Mindset: Why Small Business Owners Should Cultivate a ...

Are you realising that now is the time to get the support you've been putting off and struggling along without for too long?  

"How The Cocoon saved me during the Covid-19 lockdown!

The fear and heartbreak that gripped me when Covid 19 forced me to mothball my business left me in a very deep, dark hole. By chance I stumbled across The Cocoon on Facebook and it was a glimmer of light that illuminated a future that suddenly wasn’t so bleak. I opted in for the trial period and immediately felt supported, understood, re-purposed and positive that my business WILL be that metaphorical Phoenix! The difference it has made communicating with wonderful business women has been inspiring and Erin has been a rock. I didn’t hesitate after my trial period, I’m in and here to stay!"

Claire Walby-Kettle

4. Join us in The Cocoon


Get the training, support & community you need to build & grow a successful business around family life

We are living in uncertain times and you may be feeling wobbly about what this means for the future of your business. Now is the time to adapt, pivot and create.  We have everything you need to do that in The Cocoon business online club - the tools, training, mindset & motivation so that you can keep the momentum going.

Membership includes:

  • Monthly video masterclasses to enhance your business skills & personal development (60+ instantly accessible) so that you can grow your business
  • Expert advice on your challenges from our panel of experts who have learned the lessons so you don’t have to
  • Private supportive Facebook community of like minded mums in business who have your back so you always have someone to share your challenges with
  • Promotion of your business to the Mumpreneur Collective and beyond so that you can increase your brand visibility 
  • Zoom member calls so that you can connect with the other members and create networking opportunities
  • Goal setting & accountability to keep you focused so you can stay on track

"Joining The Cocoon during this strange period of lockdown has been a truly brilliant decision for me.

I knew I wanted to make the most of having more time on my hands and nowhere to go and it was a great opportunity to pour some real time, focus and energy into my plans for starting a business. And then I came across The Cocoon. The 10 day trial is excellent because it allows you to have a look at everything on offer as well as get involved in the Facebook group before you commit.

The Facebook group has been my favourite part (so far!) because the support, encouragement and inspiring ideas the other members offer you is unparalleled.

People talk about women giving other women a hand up the ladder, rather than competing with them or holding them back, and The Cocoon is truly a space where this is happening every day."

Erin Lewis

5. Mentoring

If you want to get laser focused, leverage the time you have & receive bespoke advice, 1:1 Mentoring is the answer

Wouldn't it feel great to have someone to talk through your strategy with? To keep you accountable and on track?

Book a FREE 20 minute 1:1 call with me to find out how mentoring could help you and your business during this challenging time.


"I was a little nervous about having a Mentoring session but it was on my list of new year goals and I felt I had to just get it done. I shouldn't have worried.

Erin put me at ease and we had a really productive and relaxed chat about where my business was at and my aspirations for the future.

Since talking to Erin I have made lot's of changes to my business. Erin was able to identify areas of my business that were working and what areas needed change. She has put me in touch with a wonderful Virtual Assistant who has taken away a multitude of administrative tasks that were stopping me expanding and developing my business. This has meant I now have the time to focus on the elements of my business that I actually enjoy and I have been able to put together a clear plan for growth in the future. 

My advice is if you are thinking of having a Mentoring session stop thinking and just book it. You will not regret it."

Elizabeth Lusty