Ep 17 - Overcoming Adversity with Maddy Alexander

Season #1 Episode #17

In this episode I speak to Maddy Alexander, the CEO of multi award winning money saving app My VIP Rewards, about her journey of scaling her business despite facing multiple challenges, which include recovering from post partum psychosis and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Not only that, but being faced with a Pandemic, Maddy undertook an epic battle to save her business.

My VIP Rewards are both a B2C and B2B organisation covering the whole of the UK , specialising in providing benefits to corporate and SME businesses to help them with their corporate social responsibility and people retention.

You'll hear how Maddy's businesses have been inspired by her own experiences of becoming a mother and how she has surged forward with grit and determination to bring them to reality.

Connect with Maddy at myviprewards.co.uk



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