Ep 1 - What is a Life-Friendly Business?

Season #1 Episode #1

In this first episode we talk about what this term actually means - which may be different for each of you. When we talk about ‘doing it on our own terms’, what does that look like for you? What are your non-negotiables when it comes to balancing work and family life?

I explain how I have designed my own Life-Friendly Business and offer you the opportunity to reflect on how life-friendly your business currently is, and what you might need to change in order to achieve the work/life balance you desire. 

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To help you decide what a Life-Friendly Business looks like for you AND stick to the boundaries and commitments needed to create that, I’ve created the Life-Friendly Business Prescription.

Download this free workbook and spend 30ish minutes reflecting on what ‘Life-Friendly’ means to you, and the changes you may need to make to achieve the work/life balance you desire.

Once you have made these decisions, you can add them to your own printable ‘Life-Friendly Business Prescription’ that you can put on your wall to remind yourself that YOU have the power to design your very own Life-Friendly Business! https://www.lifefriendlybusiness.com/prescription