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Not everyone will love you


Do you feel sick to the stomach every time someone unsubscribes from your email list?

Does it send you into a self-doubt-spin?

Does it make you worry that you're pissing people off by emailing them?


If they aren't interested in what you offer, you WANT them to unsubscribe.

You don't want people on your list who don't engage, or who aren't your ideal clients.

They are on your list because they have CHOSEN to hear from you.

You're doing them a disservice if you don't tell them how you can help!

It's a tough lesson to learn, but not everybody will love you.

And that's ok.

Focus on the people who actually want your help.

Erin x


Ps. Do yourself a favour - turn your notifications off for unsubscribes = protect your positive energy 👌


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