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If in doubt, choose the kids


"If in doubt, choose the kids. There will be plenty of time to choose work later" Anna Quindlen


Is it controversial for me to agree with this?

I LOVE my business. I literally wake up excited every morning to work on it. In many ways, my business defines me.

However, I’m also a Mum. And my kids rely on me. I am their whole world. If I don’t look out for them, coach them, give them my attention, I can’t expect that anyone else will fill that void.

So I’ve designed a scalable successful business whereby I can offer an amazing service to my clients, but not at the detriment of my family life.

Running my business is important. It will always be a priority.

But my Number #1 priority?

It will always be my kids.

Does that make me sound less ambitious?
Less serious about business?

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