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How to grow your business in just a few hours every week


We have limited time, don't we?

Like me, you may be raising a family, keeping a household ship shape and trying to run a successful business at the same time.

When you’re wearing many hats, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and busy, but not actually making the progress you would like.

A life-friendly business is all about creating balance and flexibility.

We need to use our limited time as effectively as possible.

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Sharpen the axe - don’t dive straight into your day or your week without reflecting on what you’re about to do first. Is this really a priority? Do you have everything you need to do this task now? Are you in the right frame of mind or will this feel like wading through mud today?
  2. Work on your visibility every day - what’s one thing you can do to get your message / product / service out there today? (a social post, a live, an email, a flyer)
  3. Shortcut your way to success - you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Find people who have done what you do before, learn from them, get expert advice. Yes time and money is required, but by investing in growth and learning you will spare yourself costly mistakes.


It’s not easy to run your own business, but it’s absolutely worth it when you are able to work flexibly around family life. And it is possible to build a successful business in limited hours.

It doesn’t need to feel hard, so do reach out if I can help you create your own life-friendly business, I’m here to help.


Erin x


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