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Juggling school holidays with a business

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As a mum life is a constant juggle between kids, home, relationships and work. The school holidays put an extra pressure on us to achieve a good balance while looking after our children full time. It's tough when you work for yourself as a solopreneur, and you know that if you are not working on your business, nobody is! But, it's also important to keep in mind that this is why most of us are mumpreneurs - so that we can put the 'mum' bit first...

This summer I am re-branding and getting a new website built. It’s a super exciting time for Making Mumpreneurs and I am desperate to throw myself in to the business, but family comes first so I am trying hard to keep the balance right.

I’ve made a concerted effort to put my smartphone down and to spend quality time with the kids – baking, arts and crafts, watching endless magic and music shows. Sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan, like my epic baking fail which you may have seen, and also my first attempt at homemade playdough which went horribly wrong when I had to use coarse salt granules because the table salt ran out….

We’ve been lucky to have some good days out too. I was invited to review Sea Life’s Octonauts Octo-Glow Experience in Weymouth, so off we went for a family day out with my mum. The kids were excited about meeting Kwazii in real life (4 yo was a little terrified) but they loved their hat, badge and stickers. My 9 yo enjoyed the secret agent tasks of reading a coded message too.

Sea Life has lots to offer and we found the park very easy to navigate and not too sprawling, which is always a bonus with little ones. The playground area is fantastic and we spent a good hour there while the kids ran around in the sunshine and we had a much-needed coffee!

We were really blown away by the new Turtle Rescue activity where the kids each rescue a pretend turtle, weigh it, feed it, x-ray it, re-hydrate it and then release it back in to the sea. It’s incredibly well done and the kids were fully engaged with it. We then got soaked in torrential rain – love a British summer!

As September approaches it will be time to switch back in to school mode and get my youngest ready to start reception. Labelling school uniform, making packed lunches, dealing with school admin.

I don’t feel guilty to say that I am really looking forward to having some dedicated work time back. In fact now that both my kids will be at school, this will be the most work hours I have had in 5 years, so it will really mean that I can ramp things up, and that is very very exciting indeed ;o)

I hope you are surviving the holidays and are taking some time to enjoy the summer. Remember to give yourself a break too!

Erin x

*Note: We were provided with tickets for Sea Life, but my opinions are my own.


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