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Life-Friendly Business
When your friends treat your business like a hobby
When your friends treat your business like a hobby #blog #hobby #podcast home business mompreneur mumpreneur mums in business podcast work at home Sep 15, 2021

Do you get frustrated when your nearest and dearest treat your business like a hobby?

When they assume you can stop what you're doing at the drop of a hat, because you work at home, and what you're doing can't be that important, right?!

What can be especially hard is when you allow what you...

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Life-Friendly Business
Keeping It Life-Friendly
Keeping It Life-Friendly #blog #podcast #worklifebalance boundaries lifefriendly mum in business mumpreneur Aug 04, 2021

Carly Rose is an Online Business Manager who has used her 10 years of PA experience in the corporate world to create a business on her own terms.

She has now exceeded her previous full-time salary working part-time around her two young boys.

In this interview, we discuss the difficult decisions...

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Life-Friendly Business
Is 'Mumpreneur' a dirty word?
Is 'Mumpreneur' a dirty word? #blog #podcast #worklifebalance bbcradio4 mum in business mumpreneur womanshour Jul 28, 2021

Little did I know over 5 years ago when I launched my business that I would find myself in a storm of controversy around the term 'Mumpreneur'.

In this episode we discuss the ongoing debate about whether highlighting our status as mothers when talking about our businesses is a good or a bad...

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Life-Friendly Business
Nailing The Work/Life Balance
Nailing The Work/Life Balance #blog #coaching #mentoring business support linkedin linkedin with louise louise brogan mumpreneur podcast work life balance Jul 21, 2021

Louise Brogan is a LinkedIn Consultant, host of The LinkedIn with Louise Podcast and International Speaker.

In this episode she shares her story of having 3 children under 5, setting up a bricks and mortar shop whilst also working part time, and how that experience was the catalyst for...

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Life-Friendly Business
My Story
My Story #blog #podcast erin thomas wong mumpreneur Jun 15, 2021

13 years, 5 businesses, 2 children, 1 international move. In this episode I share my story of leaving a successful career in TV production in 2008 to start my own business and create a better work/life balance. I talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who 'get it', the...

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Why mums are carving their own path - Interview with BBC Radio Solent #blog bbc radio solent entrepreneur flexible working mumpreneur success worklifebalance Apr 08, 2021
This morning I spoke to Pat Sissons on BBC Radio Solent about mums and entrepreneurship.
We discussed:
Why the term 'Mumpreneur' exists
Is a 'Mumpreneur' someone with particular aged kids?
Why people are choosing flexibility over full-time employment
Why how you measure your...
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What does a 'life-friendly business' look like for you? #blog lifefriendly mumpreneur timeoff wellbeing worklifebalance Apr 05, 2021

The other day my husband and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and go for a dog walk, right in the middle of our work day.

An ice cream van came by, and it made me chuckle as the kids are always desperate to see one and we never do! 

And then I thought, hang on, why can't *we*...

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Three Simple Steps to LinkedIn Success #blog b2b b2c businessowner linkedin marketing mumpreneur smallbusiness socialmedia strategy Mar 29, 2021

This is a guest post by Jade Staiano, Authentic Social

Did you know new members are signing up to LinkedIn in at a rate of nearly 3 new members per second? And yet the vast majority of those people set up a profile but never fully realise the power of LinkedIn to build a profitable network.


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10 tips to increase productivity whilst working from home #blog business support mumpreneur organisation productivity time management work from home working mum Mar 18, 2021

This is a guest post by Emily Hatton, Remote Hub Solutions

If this year has taught us anything it is how important it is to think about how to be productive with a limited amount of time available to spend on running a business.

When having to juggle so many elements, kids, home schooling,...

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Interview with Successful Women in Business #blog interviewed mumpreneur mystory podcast successfulwomeninbusiness Feb 03, 2021

I was recently interviewed by Gill Donnell MBE on the Successful Women Podcast Show where I share my business journey. 

Click here to enjoy the episode

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How to ditch the mum guilt, and why you need to #blog boundaries homeschooling mumguilt mumpreneur workingfromhome worklifebalance Jan 29, 2021

Are you constantly beating yourself up because you feel like you're not doing enough? Not spending enough time with the kids, not doing enough home-schooling, not working on your business enough

Being consumed with mum guilt is a terrible waste of energy, and doesn't actually help anyone -...

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Is it time to revisit your boundaries? #blog boundaries inspiration mindset mumpreneur switchoff wellbeing Jan 20, 2021

 Do you find yourself struggling to switch off?
Feeling like things are never finished?
Or feeling irritated when people ask things of you?

It could be that it's time to check in to your boundaries, and make sure you are communicating them with those around you. 

Watch this short video...

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