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The juggle is real

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Erin Business Mentor with kids

As an advocate for a life-friendly approach to business, I've learned to plan my work around school holidays so I'm not stressed out trying to juggle business and kids. It has made such a difference to my wellbeing, and allowed me to be more present and laid back during school breaks. 

I've probably had this largely nailed for a couple of years now, but this Easter has been different.

Earlier this year I made some huge decisions about my business and made a pact with myself to simplify it. So I'm launching a new 12 month mastermind/group program hybrid which will become my core offer.

It's taken months of thinking, planning and now implementation to get it ready. After a Founding Member launch to my Cocoon members I have 11 people signed up for early access...

...but it's still not ready. I still have more content to create, things to tweak, video to upload. So it's spilled over into the Easter break.

And it's all come flooding back. 

...the feeling of frustration that I want to focus on my work, but I can't because the kids need attention...

...the guilt that I actually enjoy working on my business and would give anything for a few hours alone to dive in

...the irritation of being constantly interrupted for requests for food / finding things / random questions (even though Dad is at home too...)

...the tediousness of having to think about meals and keeping the house tidy when all I want to do is hide away in my office


But this holiday I'm taking the hit. Because I'm beside myself with excitement about my new thing, and I know that it's going to be amazing. And the end goal of creating this is to create more space for me to do the kind of work I love.

But one thing is definitely for sure. A life-friendly approach is 100% what helps me continue to thrive in my business year after year.

Because running ourselves ragged, constantly feeling torn between life and business, and feeling genuinely exhausted, is certainly *not* the recipe for a happy business owner...

Remember - keep it life-friendly, and that means giving yourself grace on the days when the balance is all out of kilter.


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