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The quest for passive income streams

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Jill is a Graphic Designer and has been self-employed for 6 years. She’s been working at capacity with 1:1 clients and really wanted to develop other income streams which didn’t rely on time for money. She joined Evolve so that she could get support and inspiration on how to do this.

Sadly for Jill, things at home were not easy and she needed to invest a lot of time and energy caring for her daughter, which meant that her focus was constantly torn.

But by having the weekly Evolve calls, she found having the accountability invaluable. Having a point of reference for CEO time and a sounding board meant that she was able to successfully maintain her current clients and keep her business growing, even during such difficult times. 

Jill also loved knowing that she was able to help other members in the group with her own knowledge. She has come away armed with notes to implement in the future and feels confident that she can create these passive income streams when time allows.

She’s learned that she can scale her business in a life-friendly way.


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