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The launch of Mumpreneur Evolution: On our terms

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Mums share their business stories in my new book!

"Female entrepreneurs with children said that primary care responsibilities are the #1 barrier to further business success"

(Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship, HM Treasury 2019)

A mumpreneur is a female entrepreneur who combines running a business with looking after her children. The word has caused some controversy, but many women find it the perfect term to describe how they have chosen to live their lives.  

They have made a conscious decision not to replace a 60 hour a week corporate job with a 60 hour a week business, but instead to create flexible businesses which allows them to also be the primary carer for their children.

A business on their terms.

Mumpreneur Evolution is a collection of insightful and inspiring interviews with 23 women who share their journeys of overcoming self doubt, feeling like an imposter, and how they have successfully designed a business that works for them. 

Managing the juggle

You will learn what's worked - as well as what hasn't - for these women as they launched and grew businesses alongside raising a family. They share how they have adapted to overcome challenges, dealt with mum guilt, imposter syndrome and gaps in their knowledge. Each woman shares her tips on how to manage that common challenge: the work/life juggle!

Felicity Sandford, Founder of Amazing Futures Ltd and one of many mumpreneurs connecting with their business on a new level, said: “I love being a mumpreneur. I take my business very seriously and I am passionate about it in a way I never was about my corporate career” 

Mumpreneurship is the future

Mumpreneurs should not be underestimated. Figures show that, collectively, they are driving the UK’s economic growth. According to a report published by Think Tank Development Economics, in 2014 these power women generated £7.2 billion in revenue for the nation and supported over 200,000 jobs.  By 2025, the Mumpreneur economy is expected to  generate £9.5 billion for the UK.

Covid-19 and family finances

Now, with the hugely disruptive economic impact of Covid-19, it’s likely we can expect to see a steep rise in the number of women becoming Mumpreneurs. Many families are already having to reassess their expectations of income, and rethinking their values and lifestyles.  

In this empowering new book, you’ll meet professional high-fliers who gave up corporate careers to create and grow flexible businesses, women who started their businesses with babies in their arms, women who realised there was a gap in the market which they could fill, and women who are building businesses whilst solo-parenting. 

Some have exceeded their previous salaries, and created successful franchises generating employment opportunities for other women at home.

Elizabeth Lusty, Founder of Love2Sing Choirs said: “In 2019 I realised I had done it - I had earned the full time salary I had in my old job working 40 hours. I did this whilst working on average 3.5 days a week, plus I have 3 members of staff and my business is growing. My salary now equals and will soon surpass my husband’s full time wage. I pay myself a proper salary every month and it feels awesome” 

My hope is that by reading this book you'll see how possible it is for you too. How you can overcome your self doubt, how you can carve your own path, and how you too can become a happy and successful business owner working on your own terms.

Mumpreneur Evolution is available as a Kindle or paperback on Amazon.


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