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Want to know a sure-fire way of saving hours of your precious time?

The answer.....? Plan your marketing

I get it. Marketing is never done. It's allllwwaayyys on your To Do list, and if you let it, it can feel like a weight around your neck.

Trying to decide what you should post on Instagram every day, for example, can feel exhausting.

So change up your strategy.

Try this:

  • Carve out time fortnightly/weekly to plan what you're going to post about (TIP: it needs to align with your bigger picture strategy)
  • Write these posts in a document so you can re-use them later on
  • Schedule the posts at least a week in advance

Then you will have a consistent presence on social media.

And you can add in spontaneous posts whenever you want, but if life is hectic, you don't HAVE to.

Give yourself a break from beating yourself up daily for all the things you're 'not doing', and instead carve out time in advance and feel confident that in a very busy world, you will not be invisible to your audience. 

If you'd like more time-saving strategies, check out my self-led online course here.

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