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Short term success versus long term impact?

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Erin Life-Friendly Business Mentor

When we talk about visibility, I see people deciding to go all out. They know they need to get visible, so they make a concerted effort to be everywhere over a short amount of time. They post more, they get on video, they have a spate of PR or speaking opportunities. 


And it does work. They build traction.


But they also burn themselves out.


Because they’ve gone ‘all in’, something else has had to be sacrificed.


They need to ‘catch up’ on business admin, they stayed up late to do the work, they turned down doing things they actually would have liked to do.


The burn out causes self doubt, low motivation. 


So now they want to hibernate and withdraw.


Any traction they built, fizzles out.


This is not sustainable.


I champion a life-friendly approach to visibility. This means integrating small consistent actions into your everyday business activities. It means being strategic and intentional with what you’re doing and why.


Going ‘all in’ for a burst of short term success V’s consistently having an impactful presence long term. 


Which would you prefer?


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