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How To Build A Supportive Community So You Can Create A Thriving Business

#blog businesssupport community confidence motivation podcast Feb 02, 2021

I joined Helen Walker on her podcast, A Cuppa Confidence to discuss the importance of a supportive community.

Helen and I discussed:

  • How some of the darkest times can be the motivation we need to start a thriving business. 
  • Overcoming mindset blocks so that it's possible to be a great mum and create a successful business.
  • Conflicting values and how these mean we can be so hard on ourselves. 
  • All the reasons that hold women back when it comes to starting a business and what to do about them. 
  • Why building a supportive community outside of your family is vital when it comes to building a business. 
  • How sometimes, even your closest love ones, simply can't relate to what you're going through, and why community is so vital. 
  • Reaching out for help is a sign of real strength and something to be celebrated. 
  • How our money mindset can stop us from ever realising the success we deserve. 

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