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Where could you be saving time?

Saving time in your business using systems and tools

It was a super busy day. I had an in-person mentoring session, a list of tasks as long as my arm, and I also reaaaally needed to get a supermarket shop done (you know when it just niggles at you the whole time distracting you from what you should be doing?)

Now don't get me wrong, sometimes I love wandering around a big Tesco (only if I'm without kids!), taking time to think about what we need. But today was not the day. I needed to get back to my desk and get things done.

So when this was swirling round my head at 9pm the night before, I had a brainwave. I went on and booked a Click & Collect for on the way back from my meeting.

For just £1.40 someone else could pace up and down the isles, filling up the trolley, and all I needed to do was drive up, open my boot, and shove it all in.

£1.40 to save myself roughly 75 mins in a supermarket doing the family shop (yes, I've timed myself!)

And because I've used online shopping before, I already have my list of favourites so I can just check them off within minutes.

That day I was winning at life.

There are tools and software for your business, which like Click & Collect, will save you hours and hours of time.

Why aren't you embracing them?

Perhaps you are too stuck in your old ways?

Perhaps you don't have time to try new things? (Oh, the irony)

Perhaps you don't know what you don't know?

This is why I created my new Time Savings Systems course.

It's time to change your approach.

Take a look and see how it could help you.


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