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I Don't Need 6 Figures To Feel Validated

#blog #selfworth Dec 30, 2021

There's so much out there in the online world about doing this or that to get your 6 figure business. The magic pill, the one-size-fits-all roadmap, and let's be honest, most of it is bullsh*t.

It feels almost controversial for me to say this... but personally, I'm not motivated by those financial goals.

Will you think me less ambitious because of this? Less serious about my business?

I know many other women who find the 6 and 7 figure chatter quite toxic, and in fact, for many of them it's thrown them into a tornado of comparisonitis and left their self-esteem battered and bruised.

"If I'm not earning 6 figures yet (or ever?) I must be doing something wrong"

Did you know that in the UK the average full-time salary is 35k? So are we saying that those people cannot think of themselves as successful, just based on the fact that they will never earn 6 figures?

Of course not.

So why do we tie our own self-worth to a monetary figure?


To me building my own business and being solely responsible for the money I earn is about...

✴ Knowing that something I've created is valuable enough to charge money for

✴ Covering my mortgage and bills plus having surplus for fun things - holidays, takeaways, activities with the kids

✴ Earning more than I did working full time in TV in 25 hours or less a week (and without being tied down to other people's schedules)

✴ It's about feeling content with what I have been able to provide for myself and my family

✴ ...and it's about not feeling sick with worry when a bill lands on the doormat, because I know I can cover it.


I don't need a Porsche or a team of 20 to feel successful.

I've built a heart-led business on my own terms, at my own pace, doing something I love every day and making a positive impact on the women I work with.

I don't need 6 figures in the bank to prove my success.

I just need to feel it, own it, believe it.

Stop listening to the hype.

You get to decide your own measures of success.

Go carve your own path.

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