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What's so great about a mastermind?

Coach and mentor Erin Thomas Wong with her evolve mastermind group of inspiring women

I've been speaking to people over the last week about my Evolve program and it's become clear that if you’ve never been part of a mastermind before you may be wondering what’s so great about them!

I’ve written this to give you a bit of insight on what makes the format so powerful when you're ready to take your business to the next level. I hope you find it useful!


Being part of a mastermind brings you:

1. Challenge without judgment

Questions, push back, challenge - these help us grow and develop our ideas, explore what’s possible, go beyond our initial surface level enthusiasm for an idea and dig in to see if it’s right for us. But when that challenge is unsolicited (thanks random stranger DMing me on Facebook), or feels loaded with judgment (thanks husband freaking out about our monthly income) it doesn’t help us move forward and make better decisions - it actually holds us back. In the mastermind you have elected to be there and invited that challenge so already it’s easier to hear, process and use in a productive way.

But also it’s coming from people whose opinions you respect. People who want a life-friendly business. Who understand what you’re hoping to achieve and why.


2. Meaningful support and encouragement

Like challenge, support and encouragement is hard to take when it comes from people who don't understand what you’re trying to achieve. Yes, it’s lovely that your mum and best friend are your biggest cheerleaders, but when they tell you that you can do something it doesn’t fill you with confidence because their opinion is based on love, not facts.

Inside a mastermind, you can trust the encouragement and support you get because it comes from an informed place from people who *would* point out the flaws in your plans if they saw any.


3. The opportunity to see yourself from multiple perspectives

TV shows, books, movies - how many times have you consumed content about someone else but learnt something about yourself because you could relate to them?

The mastermind is made up of other women each of which you will relate to in some way. When they bring their questions and problems to the group you’ll either have something helpful to offer them (which leaves you both feeling great) or you’ll learn something from the support they receive.


 “I didn’t realise how lonely I was in my business and you can’t discover that until you find a place that you are not lonely... I am on my second cycle of Evolve and it has totally transformed my life”

>> Marion


The Evolve Mastermind is about helping you reach your next big business goal without compromising your life and that’s what makes it so unique.



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