Running your business profitably but thirsty for more?

Huge congratulations for your business success so far! With over 20% of small businesses failing in the first year, this is a fantastic achievement!

When my clients come to me at this point in their business, it can be because:

  • They’re happy with what they’ve achieved so far, but they know they could be achieving more, and need strategic help to do that.
  • They’d love to reach that next financial milestone but they’re not sure how to do it, because they’re already working at full capacity.
  • They are making the sales they want to, but they are feeling stressed and overwhelmed and not enjoying a life-friendly balance.

Do any of these resonate with you?

Let me help you navigate the Top 5 challenges most people have when scaling their businesses:


Not having clear boundaries to stop your work life impacting your home life

When did you last review the foundations you’ve laid for the business? Have you actually checked the viability of your current business model, against the hours you have to work? Download the free 7 Steps To A Life-Friendly Business checklist to help you get these foundations in place. You'll learn:

  • How your business is currently performing in the 7 Core Areas
  • Why your business does or doesn’t feel life-friendly right now
  • The changes you could make to experience a better balance between your business and your life.

Not carving out regular CEO time

How often do you make time to work ON the business instead of IN it? Have you created a viable strategy and are you taking constant actions inline with that?

It's easy to let this slip if you're too busy in the day-to-day, but true growth lies in the planning and staying accountable.

Perhaps an intimate group mastermind could be just the thing to keep you on track? Learn more about my Evolve Mastermind here.


Recognising that what got you here might not get you there

Are you struggling to take the next step up with your business? Perhaps you’re happy with what you’ve achieved so far, but you know you’re capable of more? It’s time to invest in some support and to stop doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

Whether it's a mentor, an accountant or someone to assist in your business, I’ve recorded a podcast episode and listed useful questions for you to think about when deciding whether it's time to invest.


You're not surrounding yourself with the right people

If you surround yourself with the right people, anything is possible.

Imagine being able to tap into the collective wisdom of an intimate group of women all looking to scale their business in a life-friendly way.

It’s time to stop trading off between life and business - it’s time to evolve them both.

Join me for our next 12 week group mastermind. 


Not making the money you need to

If you’re not making the money you need to, have you checked whether your business model is actually viable in terms of scalability? Both financially and in terms of the time you have to work on your business?

I offer a powerful blend of coaching and mentoring to help you untangle your thoughts, identify problems, and grow your life-friendly business.

Find out more about 1:1 Mentoring packages.


Is there something else you're struggling with?

Send me a message here and I will respond personally

Here are 2 ways I can support you:

1. The Evolve Mastermind

This 12-week small group mastermind will help you reach your next big win in your business, while adjusting your mindset so you can stop trading off life vs business and start feeling that success and fulfilment you are craving (and deserve) across all aspects of your life.


2. The Cocoon Business Membership

Offering you the training, mentorship and community you need to grow (and enjoy) your life-friendly business. The Cocoon is a fully online training and membership program that's available to you 24x7 via your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


I'm Erin,

I help women design, grow and run businesses that deliver the money and lifestyle they want, without compromising their home life.

I’m the host of the Life-friendly Business podcast, author of Mumpreneur Evolution, and I’ve been featured on BBC Radio 4 and in Forbes as a champion for women who want both a successful business and a life they love.

"Erin has so many different experiences as a solopreneur that she can help at every situation. Doing that she is always very kind and nice. Just one hour talking to her has helped me so much."

- Bettina

"Finding Erin at the beginning of my journey into starting my business was a godsend!
Erin's Cocoon business club has so many training resources that have proved invaluable and I still haven't got through them all!"

- Jackie

"What better way to feel empowered and supported on your own unique business venture than belonging to a brilliant network of amazing mums in business run by the ever helpful and positive Erin Thomas Wong."

- Bonita

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