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Could you leave your business for 4 weeks?


Would it be possible for you to leave your business for 4 weeks?


I’m about to find out if it’s possible for mine!


My family and I are heading off to Canada for the Summer for an amazing adventure in Toronto and Vancouver. But it means getting super organised with my business so it can run without me whilst we are away.


Here are some of the things I’m putting in place….

  1. A plan for my social media strategy so we have consistent messaging going out (that marries up with my plans for September) even when I can’t get online to post.
  2. A plan to look after my Cocoon members and make sure they have access to everything they need, and to know where to get help.
  3. Making sure my Online Business Manager has all the info and processes in place to take the reins whilst I am away.
  4. Scheduling a weekly email to go out to my email list
  5. Checking any payments that need to be manually paid can be done before I go so I don’t need to use online banking while I’m on the road
  6. Speaking to people now about joining the Evolve Mastermind in September so I know we have a pod ready to go when term starts (only 2 spots left!)
  7. Being super conscious about what my 5% activities are and getting these done before we go away. I will not be taking my laptop with me (eeekk!), however in an emergency I can access my website backend from my mobile and of course will be able to check social when we have wifi from my phone)
  8. My kids break up on 22nd and we leave the following day, so apart from my final Evolve call I’ve blocked out calls for that final week so I know I will have the headspace to deal with any last minute emergencies. This is purely to manage my own stress levels but I think it’s sooooo important not to overload ourselves that last week of term when it’s always mental, whether you’re going away or not!


…Oh yes, and on top of sorting out my business, we also need to sort out our house as we are renting it out whilst we are away. And pack for a family of 4... So there is a lot going on but so far I am managing to pace myself… (I will keep you updated on how that goes…)


Have you made plans for keeping your business going over the summer whilst you may have the kids at home?


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