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I do THIS every Monday

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I don't know about you, but I often feel that after a weekend with the family and the first school run of the week, I feel like I arrive at my desk on Monday as if I've rolled through a hedge backwards…

I spend the day being reactive, fighting fires and feeling on the back foot.


It's not a good feeling.

But that changed when I made a decision.

Every Monday morning I would start the week with ‘CEO Time’.

This can mean whatever you want it to, but for me it looks like this:

  • I block out calls in my diary until after 11am
  • I take myself off to a local cafe and get settled in
  • I review my to-do list from the previous week, and then mindfully write a new list.
  • I think about my bigger strategy (say for that quarter) and check my action list still makes sense

  • If it's a busy week or I'm time limited, I star the most important tasks to do first (my 5%)
  • Then I often complete or at least start those starred tasks in that session
  • I generally allow at least 2 hours for this Monday session because one hour never feels enough time and when I'm rushed it doesn't help my productivity

This routine means that I am being proactive every single Monday, and sets me up feeling in control of the week ahead.

Try it and let me know if it helps you too!

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