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Taking Back Control
Taking Back Control #blog #podcast awena lockdown motherhood transitions noamieella postnatal depression worklifebalance Aug 18, 2021

This week my guest is Awena, the founder of Motherhood Transitions and The Awoken Woman Journey.

She is an Occupational Therapist, Coach, Matrescence expert, co-researcher, and trainer. Her personal experiences with motherhood, and in life, have led her to creating a certified Maternal wellbeing...

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What have you learned about yourself during Lockdown? #blog lessonlearned lockdown mindset reflection resilience May 20, 2020

As Lockdown starts to ease it's a great time to reflect on what you have learned about yourself during this challenging time.

Don't get me wrong - I know it's far from over, but let's take a moment to consider any positives which may have come out of it.

In this session I share with you what I've...

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Embracing lockdown learning #blog learning lockdown midweekmomentum reflection resources strategies Apr 22, 2020

Right now is a great time for reflection.

How have things been going in your business?
Are there gaps in your knowledge which you could spend this time filling?

I've put together a collection of free training for you which includes:
- How to grow your business in just a few hours a week (video...

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Do you have a 'black box' for your business? #blog businesowner business disasterplans documents lockdown processes systems Apr 07, 2020

In this Midweek Momentum I'm talking about something which is a bit uncomfortable, but absolutely necessary to consider.

If anything happened to you, would someone else have access to what they needed, to either continue your business, or worst case, close it down for you?

Do you have a 'black box'...

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6 strategies to manage your wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak #blog coronavirus lockdown mumpreneur mumsinbusiness stress wellbeing workingfromhome Apr 04, 2020

During this challenging time I thought it would be helpful to host this Facebook Live with some strategies you can use to manage your wellbeing during lockdown.

We discuss:
1. Using media consciously
2. Practising mindfulness daily
3. Boosting your immune system
4. Keeping your stress levels low

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