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Taking Back Control

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Taking Back Control

This week my guest is Awena, the founder of Motherhood Transitions and The Awoken Woman Journey.

She is an Occupational Therapist, Coach, Matrescence expert, co-researcher, and trainer. Her personal experiences with motherhood, and in life, have led her to creating a certified Maternal wellbeing practitioner training program and develop a second business for soul-led entrepreneurs. 

In this interview Awena explains how when she first started her business, she was swept up with the relentless online chatter about becoming a 6 or 7 figure business owner within a matter of months of starting your own business.

She was so passionate and focused on growing and scaling that it became all consuming, that she realised she was neglecting the thing that was most important in her life - her family.

Awena shares that for her, Lockdown for Covid-19 was a huge turning point in deciding to do things on her own terms and it was a catalyst for creating a better and more aligned work/life balance. One which has resulted in more success, abundance and happiness in both her business and her life.



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