Life-Friendly Business Podcast

Life-Friendly Business Podcast

Hosted by: Erin Thomas Wong

Welcome to the Life-Friendly Business Podcast where we lift the lid on the reality of running a business around family life and shine a light on the mindset gremlins which may well be stopping you from stepping in to...


Ep 13 - You CAN control this

Season #1 Episode #13

When life throws a curveball at you, how do you react? In this episode we talk about taking back the power when everything feels out of your control. I share this golden nugget of inspiration I learned at the Tony...
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Ep 12 - Taking Back Control

Season #1 Episode #12

This week my guest is Awena, the founder of Motherhood Transitions and The Awoken Woman Journey. She is an Occupational Therapist, Coach, Matrescence expert, co-researcher, and trainer. Her personal experiences with...
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Ep 11 Battling Imposter Syndrome

Season #1 Episode #11

Do you feel like one day you're going to get found out? That people will realise you don't know what you're talking about? That you are no good at what you do? If this resonates with you, you may well be suffering...
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Ep 10 Keeping It Life-Friendly

Season #1 Episode #10

Carly Rose is an Online Business Manager who has used her 10 years of PA experience in the corporate world to create a business on her own terms. She has now exceeded her previous full time salary working part time...
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Ep 9 - Is 'Mumpreneur' a dirty word?

Season #1 Episode #9

Little did I know over 5 years ago when I launched my business that I would find myself in a storm of controversy around the term 'Mumpreneur'. Further to being invited on the BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, in this...
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Ep 008 - Nailing the work/life balance

Season #1 Episode #8

Louise Brogan is a LinkedIn Consultant, host of The LinkedIn with Louise Podcast and International Speaker. In this episode she shares her story of having 3 children under 5, setting up a bricks and mortar shop whilst...
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Ep 7 The Truth About Visibility

Season #1 Episode #7

It took me 8 years to finally step up and feel confident about getting visible. I don't want you to wait that long, so in this episode I'm sharing the mindset shifts that I had to get me to that point, so that you can...
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Ep 6 Keep The Engine Warm

Season #1 Episode #6

When everything feels too much because you're wearing too many hats - caring for kids, caring for relatives, dealing with stress, life admin, it can be tempting to take a step back and press 'pause' in your business....
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Ep 5 When Employment Is Not An Option

Season #1 Episode #5

This podcast is all about doing it on your own terms, and my guest today, Laura Robinson from Worditude is most certainly carving her own path.  Laura is a digital copywriter and conversion specialist with more than...
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Ep 4 Are You Missing These?

Season #1 Episode #4

There is a crucial element to running your own life-friendly business....If you're feeling overwhelmed, or resentful towards your business, or even your clients, THIS is what you're missing. As a small business owner,...
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Ep 3 - How Do You Measure Your Success?

Season #1 Episode #3

Do you spend way too much time comparing yourself to others? Feeling like you're not achieving enough? Not earning enough? Not progressing enough? Instead of focusing on our own measures of success, and what that...
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Ep 2 - My Story

Season #1 Episode #2

13 years, 5 businesses, 2 children, 1 international move. In this episode I share my story of leaving a successful career in TV production in 2008 to start my own business and create a better work/life balance. I talk...
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